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La Mikia Castillo, Podcast Co-Host, Profesora Panameña


I am a native Angeleno, proud Afro-Latina, fierce activist, strategic community organizer and unconventional educator. I love Black and Brown people and am focused on fighting for our liberation. My life, education and career are dedicated to doing everything I can to help empower our people so we can get free.

I joined the Hood Digest team because I wanted to be part of this effort to elevate the voices of our people in an authentic and powerful way. There is power in our voices and in our stories; I’m excited for Hood Digest to help bring them to light.

Frank Esparza, Illustrator


I’m a South LA native. My art has been inspired and shaped by LA’s graffiti and aerosol culture. Since the age of 10, I have experimented with multiple mediums including spray paint, acrylic, marker, color pencils, and charcoal. My work has been displayed throughout the Southland in locations such as South LA, Downtown LA, the Southbay, West LA, and in Denver, CO. In addition, I’ve been contracted by multiple businesses where my original work is now on display. I joined the Hood Digest team in 2017.