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  • #HoodDigest Vota Vato – L.A. City Elections, May 2017

    Are you feeling tired of elections? Well, don’t turn off your bullshit radar just yet!! For the next couple of months, some of us are gonna be seeing more glossy mailers and answering annoying calls telling you to vote for people you ain’t neva heard of! This coming June, voters in Northeast LA will be deciding on a new a U.S. Congressman. If Jimmy Gomez wins that race, his Assembly seat will be up for grabs. How many progressive Latinas do you think are gonna compete against one another for that one?

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  • #HoodDigest Vota Vato – 34th Congressional District, April 2017

    More Latinos are running for this Congressional seat than attended Rubi’s Quinceañera. You’d think they were giving away free tamales in the House Of Representatives the way that so many of my gentes jumped in this race. A point on this crowded congressional competition: saying you will stand up to Donald Trump is easy! Calling out his cadre of racist buffoons is a nobrainer. Shit, Fox News and the Koch brothers are standing up to that mamon!

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  • #HoodDigest Vota Vato – L.A. City Elections, March 2017

    On March 7 get out and vote. Don’t make excuses about you being too busy or feeling like your vote doesn’t matter. Don’t be a pendeja or pendejo… that’s pendejx for people in Boyle Heights. You’re entitled to a 2-hour lunch break. That’s 30 extra minutes than what you already take- no te ahagas. So, go vote, take advantage of your 2-hour break, then walk proudly back into your job- like the descarados that you are, knowing that your “I voted” sticker will give you a pass.

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