Quick Los Angeles getaway on Highway 395!

Alright y’all. I wrote this blog to serve as a guide for people looking to take a beautiful nature trip. I loved my journey along Highway 395, and I hope one day to see more black and brown faces in these white-dominated spaces.

Click here for a video of the trip!

While planning this trip and what spots to hit, I ran into a bunch of blogs with tons of information. (Most of which I thought was unnecessary)

So here you go pictures, videos, and GPS coordinates for the places I hit. I even included an expense report to show you how I took a 4-day trip on a $220 budget.

Click on the names of the locations for GPS coordinates!

Fossil Fuels *

*Spots I didn’t stop by but I found interesting

Distance: 150 miles from Los Angeles. Info/Logistics: 0.2-mile walk to a wicked field of volcanic rock.

The Mobius Arch (Alabama Hills) 

Distance: 50 miles from Fossil Fuels Info/Logistics: 0.6-mile loop trail located in Alabama Hill a wild range of rock formations. PS: You can camp here for free.

Mobius Arch x Mt Whitney
Mobius Arch

Big Pine Lakes

Distance: 88 miles from Alabama Hills Info/Logistics:14.3 mile heavily trafficked loop trail – I recommend getting a pass and camping the night next to the lake!

Big Pine Lake

Convict Lake 

Distance: 62.9 miles from Big Pine Lake Info/Logistics: 2-mile hike around the lake.

Convict Lake

Devils Post Pile*

Distance: 24.2 miles from Convict Lake Info/Logistics: During summer you have to catch an 8$ Shuttle from Mammoth Mountain Adventure Center. – 0.25-mile walk.

June Lake 

Distance: 21 miles From Devils Post Info/Logistics: Super clean family filled lake, a great spot to post-up and have a beer. I highly suggest the short drive around the lake.

June Lake x Guate Bag
June Lake

Mono Lake – South Tufa Area

Distance: 14 miles from June Lake. (Right across the 395 from June Lake) Info/Logistics: Crazy dope rock “towers” that sit in Mono Lake. I suggest being here for sunset. 3$ parking and 1-mile hike

Mono Lake Tufa Towers

Mono Lake x Moon
Milky Way from Mono Lake

Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve

Distance: 12 miles from South Tufa Area. Info/Logistics: Same lake different view 0.6-mile loop.

Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve
Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve

Lundy Canyon

Distance: 8 miles from Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve Info/Logistics: Beautiful 3 mile hike with a steep climb past several cascading waterfalls.

Top of Lundy Canyon
Bottom of Lundy Canyon

Bodie State Park*

Distance: 28 miles from Lundy Canyon Info / Logistics: Roam an abandoned former gold-mining town.

I ended up detouring from Highway 395 onto the 120 towards Yosemite (AMAZING DRIVE). I went out there to see my cool-ass friend Bree a.k.a. Frijole Boogie and her peeps. They laced me up with the entrance to the park, food, bud, a roof & some breakfast

Tioga Lake.

Distance: 21.5 miles from Lundy Canyon Info/Logistics: The fastest stop on this guide. You legit pull over on the side of the 120. You will see signs for Tioga Campground and a huge parking space.

Tioga lake

Lyell Canyon Trailhead – Yosemite

Distance: 8 miles from Tioga Lake. Info/Logistics: 1-mile hike to Dana Fork, you start at Lyell Canyon Trailhead and walk past the first bridge, to a set of two bridges. From there you can walk up along the river. Heads-up the entrance to the park is $35.00.

Dona Fork

My expense report, however, everyone has their definition of comfortable, so this can drastically change.

Food (Canned Lentils, Chilli Beans, Clif Bars, Trailmix, Chips, Salsa, & Oreos)$30.48
Gas (My car gets 20 miles per gallon.)$150.52
Housing (Dispersed camping)Free
8th of Bud (Highly recommend) $25.00
Beer x 2$8.33
Coffee x 3$7.14

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment and let me know if you found it useful or have questions or interested in more details.

Don’t forget to watch the video!



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