#HoodDigest Vota Vato CA Governor Recall 2021

I’m gonna save you the trouble of reading a diatribe about recalls in California. You can Google that shit and learn that this is how we ended up with Arnold The Governator. 

I feel like I shouldn’t even have to write this edition of Vota Vato because I have faith in California voters  – even more faith than the women that call Art Laboe to dedicate songs to their vatos in prison. 

I wish this recall was a joke that need not be taken seriously. But alas, voters do some dumb ass shit and elect celebrities to office. 

Never did I imagine that Arnold Schwarzenegger would get elected in California and blam! Never did I think Donald Trump would become the U.S. President and blam. Shit, I didn’t think Al Franken or Jesse Ventura would get elected, but blam and blam. I’d be goddamned if I stand by and watch Larry Elder or Caitlyn Jenner get next. 

This recall is the Karen of elections.

Muthafuckas are mad that Newsom had the nerve to stop them from making money during a pandemic. They couldn’t believe that restaurants, bars, and clubs were closed – to prevent the spread of covid 19. 

They wanna speak to the manager of deadly infectious diseases because they cannot believe that an elected official made them wear a mask and begging them to get the vaccine! How dare we infringe on their rights as Americans to enjoy their lattes without regard for the spread of the virus!?

Newsom’s missteps are not to be taken lightly, but the pretty vato has done some good for California. He has come out as one of the nation’s strongest governors on the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Newsom made the right call by investing historic figures to fund public education, prevent evictions, provide unemployment benefits, and help business owners affected by the pandemic. Not enough, but still. 

Here is what we know: nearly 50 candidates are running against him y todxs valen madre. They are Republicans who would govern by executive force and threaten the little bit of progress this great blue state has made in recent decades.

I’m joking, we are a baby blue state and have some basic environmental protections, criminal justice reform, and barely started honoring immigrants in the state. 

But, we are far from honoring humanity the way we boast about it in public. I guess compared to Florida, Arizona, and Texas we appear to be militant left – but we all know that like Maury Povich says, “that was a lie!”

The governors could also appoint the next U.S. Senator if Dianne Feinstein retires or dies while in office. You know, that same Senate that’s split 50/50 and struggles to get things done.

Governors also appoint judges and a bunch of other important state administrators for whom you don’t really care about, so I won’t list them here. 

Gavin Newsom should not only be criticized for his missteps, but he needs to get chin-checked by the legislature. Still, any of them who wish to criticize need to look in the mirror.

There are plenty of concerns about the inertia that dominates the state when it comes to solving wealth inequality, the housing crisis, homelessness, deplorable wages – and the many problems with the criminal justice system, police, healthcare, and public education. But, these are problems that are inherent in the Democratic Party’s complacency. 

The Democrats are contortionists cause they bend over backward, forward, and sideways for corporations, developers, prison profiteers, big Pharma, police unions, and teachers unions, etc. Sure, corporations and these special interest groups are worlds apart on the issues they prioritize – and you can’t lump all of Labor into the same category, but some throw their weight around to make the system work to meet their demands – even when the people they are supposed to serve get trucked over in the process. You can choose to disagree with that statement, but that doesn’t stop it from being trucking true.

As bad as that sounds, Republicans are way worse because they do not care about any of us – unless it makes them money and limits somebody’s civil liberties.

So, if you’re still with us, here is the nitty-gritty. 

This election is taking place on Sept. 14. 

You’re gonna get a ballot in the mail. 

It’s gonna ask you two questions. 

Number 1: Should Gov. Gavin Newsom be removed from office? Answer NO. 

That’s all you gotta do. 

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