ICE Targets Children for Deportation

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced their latest operation known as “El Plan Se Pasan De Verga”, “El Plan” for short. (Not a real title. That’s what we call it.)

Immigrant rights activists in Los Angeles are grinding their teeth while gearing up to help undocumented youth – as young as 16 years of age- who may be targeted by El Plan.

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife! Literally. ICE is planning raids beginning this Friday through Wednesday. The excuse they’re using is that their “targets are suspected gang members who entered the country illegally”.

According to El Plan Se Pasan Deverga, persons can be identified as gang members if they meet two or more criteria, including having gang tattoos, hanging out in areas known for gang activity, and wearing gang apparel.

I hope this means that Gwen Stefani and Justin Bieber are also getting deported.

These raids are the epitome of the petty and hateful administration that Donald Trump has installed. Even more petty than you in high school – when you opened your photo albums and scratched off the faces of some puta who used to be your BFF- but now she’s dead to you!

Think about your 16-year old son or nephew or cousin. Yes, that’s right… they’re kinda useless, right? They can barely heat up Hot Pockets in the microwave. Now imagine those pendejxs getting sent back to Mexico or Haiti or Korea alone — What? Did you think immigrants do not include Blacks or Asians?

But, back to your family member. That is exactly what the bastion of democratic hypocrisy- that is the American government- is doing by hunting down unaccompanied minors. The same kids that came to the United States fleeing the fucked up conditions in the motherlands – such as violence, poverty, and poor internet connectivity.

I have never met a paisa who doesn’t wish they could go back home to Latin America. You know why they can’t go back, though? Because the American government has been cajoling the inept and corrupt politicians in our home countries to exploit the natural resources, land, and work forces. Cajoling is an SAT word that means to slide in their DM.

This ain’t nothing new, though. Your papi Barack Obama did the same shit too.

For as long as this country has existed, the U.S. has trapped and persecuted its Latino, Asian and Black undocumented populations. This country is also responsible for creating their life predicaments.

But, I digress. Spread the word! This weekend, ICE is slapping people with deportation orders starting with people who failed to follow court orders or didn’t show up to their court appointments.

Targeting children for deportation is cowardly – sending them back to their country of origin means putting them in harmful predicaments that could end in death. Marinate on that!

Don’t sleep. Information about a person that has been detained by ICE can be found here.

Hit up CHIRLA‘s hotline if you know undocumented immigrants who need assistance here 1-888-624-4752.


By: @grand.supreme.chapin

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