LAUSD’s Not So Random Metal Detector Searches

This report does not give me hope. The audit is recommending that our students be further targeted and criminalized. It reads as though it is scolding LAUSD for not harassing students and disrupting learning.

The practice of “random searches” sounds like an utter waste of staff time. The audit makes schools sound like war zones as opposed to centers of learning and safety.

This is one of the few times I’ve been glad to learn that LAUSD is not following it’s own policies.

As a former tagger and member of the targeted population, I can tell you that school staff at Fairfax HS spent so much more time worrying about markers and beepers than they did about weapons.

I hope LAUSD continues to live up to its reputation of being a leader on progressive issues and finds alternatives to keeping students safe in ways that do not rely on these practices, which feel like bullying and can be traumatizing to young Black and Latino youth. Something teachers and administrators are known for.

I’m also worried about the practice being used on 6th graders!! Are we still targeting 11-year-old kids this way? What message are we sending to our future about our expectations of them as productive/respectable members of society when this policy encourages staff to treat them as little Ninos and Pablos?

Shouldn’t United Teachers of LA come out harder on this issue? This is as important (if not more) as the Sanctuary district issue. Why are we opposed to the Trump administration’s bullying of our youth, but not our own?

The “schools students deserve” should give kids a proper education and treat them like apt pupils instead of mini-predators.

In case you didn’t read the article, here’s a little gem I’d like to point out, “Some charter schools have refused to follow the district’s requirements because they say the searches are demeaning to children and impede education.”

In fact, #HoodDigest encourages all schools to dissent against this policy and follow the lead of these charter schools.

The Board and Superintendent need to do more work to improve school climate.


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