Stop Calling Donald Trump a Child!

Comparing President Donald J. Trump to a child is problematic. It’s easier to dismiss Trump’s behavior as childish rather than addressing the fact that he’s an entitled, racist, old, White dude.

You know the sexist, homophobic, bigot I’m referring to? That’s right! Trump is more like your dad, uncle, or grandpa. Calling him a child gives him a pass for the hateful rhetoric he spews and for his inexcusable puterias.

You know the kind of dude I’m talking about cause you spend Holidays with him? The one that embarrasses you, makes you uncomfortable, and frustrates you. The same one whom you avoid having race, gender and class conversations with. Don’t even mention gender non-conformity to him… cause what the fuck is that?

The one you won’t introduce your Black, Latino or gay friends to. Do you even have any? Or maybe you’re the one that’s gay, but you never talk about it around him because, well, because it’s better that way.

If it was a child saying the shit he says and doing the shit he does, you wouldn’t have it. Or would you? You’d correct his behavior, right? Or would you?

Maybe, by calling President Trump a child, it absolves you of your own issues with race and gender. Period.

The same “colorblind” generations born in the U.S. in the past 7 decades are the ones that have kept these conversations behind closed doors. They complain about how unfair it is to be politically correct and how sensitive people have become. Until now!

President Trump has freed the frustration that’s held white America captive since the Civil Rights era. The freedom to be openly hateful to people of color without the law telling them to chill the fuck out. Trump is not inciting violence, he’s reassuring White America that it’s ok to be honest about their hate for anyone that ain’t a WASP.


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