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  • #HoodDigest Vota Vato – L.A. City Elections, May 2017

    Are you feeling tired of elections? Well, don’t turn off your bullshit radar just yet!! For the next couple of months, some of us are gonna be seeing more glossy mailers and answering annoying calls telling you to vote for people you ain’t neva heard of! This coming June, voters in Northeast LA will be deciding on a new a U.S. Congressman. If Jimmy Gomez wins that race, his Assembly seat will be up for grabs. How many progressive Latinas do you think are gonna compete against one another for that one?

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  • The Presidential Debate & The Slap In The Face

    I was anti-Clinton until this past weekend. I still don’t believe that she has my, or my two sons’, or my South LA at heart. I don’t believe that her interests are much different than those of other wealthy White Americans.

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