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    #HoodDigest Vote Doña noviembre 2020

    Elección Presidencial y Existencial Estamos viviendo algunos tiempos bíblicos. No por ser ni muy religioso o nada, pero dado que la muralla de separación entre iglesia y estado en los Estados Unidos de hoy es más delgada que las laminas que usábamos de techo en mi país, sigan me la corriente un momento. Me imagino que hace…

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  • #VotaVato Voter Guide Extra Extra Special Election Edition June 4, 2019

    What we will do is tell you to take your ass to the polls and vote for Measure EE.

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  • #VoteDoña – Guía Para el Votante – Elecciones de Medio Término, 6 de Nov. 2018

    Prepárense mucha. Su guía de votante#VoteDoña por fin ha regresado con la potencia de las prediciones Mayas del 2012.

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  • #VotaVato Voter Guide – U.S. Midterm Elections November 6, 2018

    Al-muthafuckin- right. The Vota Vato voter guide is back with the vengeance of the 2012 Mayan prediction. And if you thought my ancestors were bullshittin’ when they said the world was coming to an end – you must not be watching the apocalypse unfold before our very eyes.

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  • #VotaVato Voter Guide – California Primary June 5, 2018

    Ay, ay, ay! This election is reminiscent of the 2016 Presidential race. Liberals all in their feelings because all of the candidates are meh – yet they’re trying desperately to convince you that their horse is the one to place your bet on.

    Meanwhile, Lefties in the hood are shrugging their shoulders ‘cause none of these candidates truly embody the progressive values we seek in our leaders.

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  • HOOD DIGEST + CURB: From Mass Incarceration to Mass Liberation Glossary

    Hood Digest is partnering with Californians United for a Responsible Budget (CURB) to explore the topic of mass incarceration.

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  • #HoodDigest Vote Doña Guía de Votante – Asamblea del Estado de CA Elección Super Especial – 3 de Abril, 2018

    Ya pasó algún tiempo desde que les trajimos la purititima verdad. Pero honestamente, ha sido un alivio porque al igual que usted, nos empezamos a cansar de tanta pinche elección tan frecuentemente.

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  • #VotaVato Voter Guide – CA State Assembly Extra Special Election – April 3, 2018

    It’s been a minute since we last hit you with that hot fire. To be honest, we’re glad because we, too, were fucking exhausted of putting out voter guides every month.

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  • The Presidential Debate & The Slap In The Face

    I was anti-Clinton until this past weekend. I still don’t believe that she has my, or my two sons’, or my South LA at heart. I don’t believe that her interests are much different than those of other wealthy White Americans.

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