The Presidential Debate & The Slap In The Face

“We racialize Black dysfunction and individualize white dysfunction.” Time Wise

This quote rang loudly these past two weeks. America continues to make excuses for the Republican Presidential candidate — excuses that would never be permitted for any White female or person of color running for high office.

This trend is as old as this nation. Trump has failed to pay taxes. He’s benefitted from the same system that was designed to help the wealthy avoid paying their fair share like the rest of us. He has also benefitted from the same double standards that allow White people to hurl insults at people of color without repercussions. The same double standards that allow us men to disrespect women without consequences.

Those same double standards are what force White America to negate that racism exists or us men to disregard sexism- even though they’re harmful systemic issues.

See, this is not purely racial. Poor White people have always been played by rich White people. The notion that you “are poor, but at least you are not Black or Brown” gives you a false sense of entitlement. It fills your mind with the idea that you are poor because people of color exist and try to take away your freedoms.

Get this straight: you are poor because rich White people need you to be poor– so they can stay rich. That’s how Capitalism functions. There is abundance in this world, but we are misled to believe in scarcity.

The Presidential debates have been an insult. An insult to those of us who wish to partake in the Democratic process. An insult to the millions of young voters looking to be stimulated and engaged. An insult to millions of disenfranchised Americans who ask, “what’s the point?” and assert that “the candidates don’t care about us.”

I was anti-Clinton until this past weekend. I still don’t believe that she has my, or my two sons’s, or my South LA at heart. I don’t believe that her interests are much different than those of other wealthy White Americans– after all, she is a wealthy White woman. But, we have a two-party system and she IS the Democratic nominee. More importantly, America is in a precarious place and we are living in an era that eerily mirrors the days when White folks resisted racial integration.

Still, the biggest insult in this election is that this veteran female politician, with tons of experience, is being forced to contend with the least qualified of all the candidates on the entire Republican ticket in 2016.

Clinton might as well be running against Ben Carson…. but White Americans would never vote for two Black presidents in a row. That would be considered reverse discrimination.

For anyone who follows #HoodDigest, you know this is an ultra lefty and politically incorrect post. It has resonated with so many on social media because it represents the frustration felt by progressives who are unwilling to be silenced when others do so because they are afraid that speaking up will impact their careers.

I will vote for Hillary Clinton because she deserves a chance. More importantly, I will vote for her because I could not, in good conscience, keep watching the “basket of deplorables” continue to make a mockery of our intelligence.

Just to keep it one hundred, these deporables aren’t the poor White people who are too ignorant to know who their true oppressor is.

The deplorables are the RNC and the Republican leaders holding the Congress hostage; the conservative pundits and media talk show hosts who regurgitate lies on a daily basis; racist police and ICE officers; greedy Wall Street millionaires and billionaires: and anyone who believes people of color are a threat to their comfort.

We are not a discomfort, we are not going anywhere!

We are here and you have to deal with it!


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