The Racist Soup

Charlottesville VA is America

It is an understatement that race relations are boiling in the U.S. in 2017. Shit’s so tense right now that even Republicans are speaking out against racism.

Race relations in America today can be compared to those hot summer days when your mom makes sopa de res. You and five of your family members cram into a one-bedroom apartment with no air conditioning. A fan turns back and forth to little avail as the temperature hits one-hundred-and-three degrees inside your apartment.

You know that moment right before the carne is perfectly cooked? When the carrots and potatoes look like they’re wrestling in the boiling caldo inside that five gallon hoya? That’s what the fuck is going on in America today.

The fact that white people are appalled at racist acts from the al-right, neo-nazis and white supremacists is cool, but it’s not enough.

Moments like these are unique because they put racism and hatred front and center of the public discourse. That’s unique because woke people of color stay talking about this stuff 24/7, while mainstream muthafuckas get itchy whenever racism is brought up.

However, the risk that moments like these pose is that it absolves the rest of the country for the systemic racism that is sewn into the thread of American society.

This colorful quilt of inequality includes employment, education, elected office, labor unions, Hollywood, the criminal justice system, the color of the dolls your son or daughter prefers to play with, women whom your son or daughter date, college admissions rates, U.S. History classes, y más.

In fact, racism and prejudice are so engrained into our way of thinking that you’d give more credibility to these words if they were coming from a white person.

The reason why the race discourse is so important now is because, for decades, white Americans didn’t talk to their children about race and racism. In fact, white children were shielded from the realities of race in America. Raised in segregated communities, they were taught that it was impolite to discuss these issues in public.

Furthermore, white parents have done such a shitty job of educating their children about racism that some white kids today ACTUALLY believe that they experience more racism than people of color do.

In schools and universities, history classes have cleansed the wars, enslavement, exclusion, lynchings, sexual exploitation, mass incarceration, and pillaging that have been carried out by the U.S. government over the past two centuries- on American soil and abroad.

Conservative and liberal media outlets broadcast sanitized marketing campaigns into American homes that negate the casualties of war. Our involvement in overthrowing democratically elected governments have been whitewashed under the guise of spreading “true democracy”.

In reality, these coups have been carried out to advance U.S. corporate and military interests, which aren’t always mutually exclusive.

Think about it like this: white supremacy is like believing in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, or that the Pope speaks to God directly. That shit sounded dope as fuck when you were a little kid. It blew your mind to think that these things happened.

Then one day, your parents or older siblings broke that shit down and told you to stop writing letters to the fat dude, that bunnies don’t lay eggs, and that the Pope doesn’t slide in God’s DM. In fact the Pope is just a regular vato who is voted in to be the Head of State of Vatican City.

You were pissed, disappointed, felt betrayed. You wanted answers! Well, white supremacy is Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Pope talking to God all rolled into one. Except, not many people get the truth early enough, or at all.

In fact, we join the rat race to assimilate and live vicariously through white people’s experiences and lifestyles. As my mom would put it, you can put on Gucci shades pero no te quitan lo indio.

White supremacy is wrong for many reasons. First off, the belief that the white race is superior to all other races is straight caca de toro.

The only thing Europeans have been better at is jacking shit and selling it back to the people they stole from. Europeans wouldn’t even have survived this planet if it wasn’t for the Chinese, Arabs and Northern Africans. And white Americans wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for Native Americans, Africans, or Latinos.

Suck on this supremacy!

Despite those facts, Television shows continue to portray wholesome white families. TV shows and movies teach us that white people only commit crimes whenever they are in life and death situations, and that those who are criminals are individuals gone stray from the flock. When it does happen, white crime is portrayed as ethnic – Russian, Italian, Armenian, etc.

Even God and most Christian deities are characterized as white looking people and that makes sense because those images have evolved out of Greek and Roman Mythology. Deities is an SAT word that means los santos.

People of color on the other hand are always the bad ones: drug addicts, prostitutes, gangsters, terrorists, villains, sinners, the Devil. Good for entertainment, but lacking human emotions, feelings and needs.

White supremacy is bad, but white supremacy is more than the confederate flag or swastika.

White supremacy is as American as fireworks on the 4th of July. Just scan Netflix or Hulu or watch TV or check out the Forbes list. Who runs sports commissions? Who lives in the safest/cleanest communities? Whose kids have access to the best schools and teachers? Who has the best super markets and stores in their neighborhood? Who is elected into higher office? Who runs your union?

You get the picture.

To give you a sense about how bad we’ve been brainwashed to believe this nonsense, the next #HoodDigest post is gonna talk about the stuff you love: drugs!

Stay tuned.


By: @grand.supreme.chapin

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