Things We Shouldn’t Have to Ask, But This is LAUSD!

LAUSD is hiring a new Superintendent – the top dawg. The heir to the dysfunctional throne to the kingdom that’s responsible for educating 640,000 students in nearly 1,000 schools, including charters.

But, like the Lakers head coach, LAUSD can’t keep a chief for more than 2 years. Most leave because they get burned out, some are ousted for political reasons, and some were just embarrassing and incompetent people who should’ve never gotten the job in the first place!

The most recent vacancy came when Dr. Michelle King announced her departure after discovering that she’s battling cancer. We wish her good health and a speedy recovery!

Between now and June 2018, the board will be interviewing candidates. They have a search firm helping them, but you know Hood Digest wants to contribute too!

We’ve prepared our own list of questions that we recommend asking the candidates vying for LAUSD Superintendent.

We know that there will be interviews and a lot of niceties. You know, the usual bullshit you hear during job interviews! But, these questions will tell us that we have the real one!

Here is the official Hood Digest set of LAUSD Superintendent Interview Questions [BTW, this is real tea]:

  1. Will you look the other way when a board of education member is accused of sexual harassment or will you speak out about the importance of believing women working in hostile, patriarchal institutions?
  2. How will you avoid becoming a puppet of the board and asserting your own leadership and power as the district chief?
  3. Will you continue to ignore the district’s fiscal cliff? Even if this means selling out our kids and the district’s service employees- to save jobs of adults who have advanced degrees?
  4. Do you support college prep for all students or do you believe that some students just “don’t have what it takes”?
  5. Will you assign teachers to English learner classes who actually speak Spanish?
  6. Will you fire teachers discovered to call Black & Latino students names like “hoodrats”, “hoochies”, “thugs”, and “losers”?
  7. What are your plans to reverse the inequitable funding system, which permits students attending schools in low-income parts of the district to subsidize the education of children in the more affluent parts of the district?
  8. Imagine this scenario: You discover that there is footage of high-level personnel fucking at the district headquarters. Do you a) call them in immediately and reprimand them or b) look the other way cause they work hard and should play hard?
  9. Imagine this scenario: You discover that your transportation department has installed stripper dancing polls in some of the District’s garages. Do you a) shut it down immediately or b) allow your bus drivers to keep making it pour?
  10. What guard rails will you set in place to ensure that your food director isn’t gainfully gaining from the contracts awarded to the district?
  11. What are your thoughts on systemic protections for teachers discovered to molest children in schools? Will you look the other way as they continue to collect pensions even while in prison?

You may be asking yourself why should I give a shit about this? And we are glad that you asked! So, here’s an LAUSD crash course to put you up on game about the topic at hand.


LAUSD is the 2nd largest school district in the nation and the only juggernaut urban school district with an elected school board – a group of seven individuals who are elected by the following groups: the teachers’ unions, the service employees unions, school reformers, and the charters association.

Sometimes these groups work together and other times they are in opposition to one another – that’s how shit moves or doesn’t move in the district.

Those who are elected become the mamis and papis of the Superintendent. They are also responsible for approving a $7.4 billion budget and passing a number of local policies that dictate how and when children learn in our schools.

Like all things Los Angeles, LAUSD is big, it’s messy, it’s fabulous, and it’s mostly a political battlefield.

The way things get approved at the district is that the seven board members vote and a simple majority (4 votes) gets you a W!

So, stay woke. Stay educated. Stay involved!


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