#VotaVato LA County Judges & Supervisors

#HoodDigest knows it’s hard enough to get you to vote for the President and all the other chingaderas on the ballot that you are familiar with…. We also know that when it comes to local elections, especially judges, you skip these altogether, or you just pick the Brownest sounding names on the ballot. AND that’s how we sometimes end up with useless elected officials representing the hood.

The Supervisors oversee LA County, which spans 4,000 square miles and serves 9.5 million gentes. Think food stamps, foster care, probation, jails, hospitals… y mas!

The judges decide criminal and civil cases… from murders to GTA’s to contract disputes. They are the gatekeepers between criminal justice policy (think Prop 47 & 3 Strikes) and its execution… In other words, they determine how soon Yung Donte & Lil’ Snoopy make it home. I know you don’t like to read much, so let’s get to it…..

L.A. County Board of supervisors

District 4: Janice Hahn: Her father’s leadership genes were passed on to the female offspring, but not the male’s, because her brother was a useless LA City Mayor. She was a decent Councilwoman and a whatever Congressmember. Let’s hope she’ll be good for LA County.

District 5: Darrell Park: This vato is green to politics, but has progressive values. His opponent has a lot of well-known people on her side, but she has whack politics.  You know who had a lot of these same well-known people on his side when he ran? Janice Hahn’s brother.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judges

Judge Seat 11: Debra r. Archuleta: This lady sounds like she is level-headed and isn’t gonna treat Yung Donte & Lil’ Snoopy with impunity, but she won’t take shit from them either. She has every police department backing her, which is not a good sign. Let’s light a candle and hope that San Simon lights her path so she won’t be all unfair and shit.

Judge Seat 42: Alicia Molina: You know when you have to pick between 2 primos that you really like? Well, this race is kinda like that. In the end, you don’t pick the primo that acts like he has a stick-up-his-butt. Alicia Molina sounds like the prima that won’t snitch to your parents when you get into some shit.

Judge Seat 84: Javier Perez or Susan Jung-Townsend: You can do a “tin-marin” with this one. They both have liberal credentials and both have Brown names. Apply your own Affirmative Action here.

Judge Seat 158: David a. Berger: Yes. We chose the white man over his Asian opponent. She has liberal folks backing her and 1 or 2 progressives, but her answers didn’t cut it. Berger has a Restorative Justice approach to sentencing.


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