#VotaVato Voter Guide – California Primary June 5, 2018

*Updated tp include CA Assembly races 39, 45, & 51

Ay, ay, ay! This election is reminiscent of the 2016 Presidential race. Liberals all in their feelings because all of the gubernatorial candidates are meh – yet they’re trying desperately to convince you that their horse is the one to place your bet on.

Meanwhile, Lefties in the hood are shrugging their shoulders ‘cause none of these candidates truly embody the progressive values we seek in our leaders.

This one is hard. But, before we jump into the details of the dearth of morals and gleaming leadership at the top of the ticket, let’s make sure to discuss the importance of getting our asses out to vote.

If you’re like me, you’re fucking tired of marching every month. That shit used to be empowering, but these days I’m dying to see action.

Leave the marching to the newbies who just woke up when the lagartos carried out a coup d’état in Washington D.C. and threw Lady Justice and Lady Liberty into detention centers with unaccompanied minors.

These elections – known as “Midterm” – are important because our people don’t vote. We’re too lazy to learn about the candidates and issues. It’s like going to your tia’s 50th birthday party – you got tons of excuses about why you didn’t show. You said you planned on it knowing damn well you were never a legit RSVP.

So let the #VotaVato voter guide get you ready for June 5th because I wanna march less and see smarter, more progressive people running my country and state.

In California, we have some propositions on the ballot. These are important because they become law and they can be more harmful (or beneficial) than any one candidate. Conservatives stick some of the most hateful propositions in these Midterm elections because they depend on our asses to not show up to the polls. Aprende!

We will also decide on who is to become our future Governor, U.S. Senator, Secretary of State, State Superintendent of Education, y más.

Entonces, like Nacho Libre, said, “Let’s get down to get into the nitty gritty”.



Antonio Villaraigosa: An angel hasn’t fallen from heaven this hard since Azael went against God and was like, “Yo, God, I got the juice now!” And God was like, “Whatever, scrub!” And poof all these people started hatin’ on one of the most important political leaders of our time!

The thing about Villaraigosa is that he never left the ghetto kid behind when he became Mayor. The amoral and downright embarrassing shit that Villaraigosa is getting knocked for is the same reason that keeps us men of color in trouble: trying to get over because we think we can get away with stupid shit.

Shit like cheating on our women and not being in stable relationships, freeloading on basketball game tickets, or working for Herbalife – a company that’s like La Curacao, Pre-paid Legal, Primerica, and the Catholic church- institutions that promise to improve your life if you give them all of your dinero.

But people forget that Villaraigosa was a huge deal for the Left in 2005. At that time, him becoming Mayor of Los Angeles was the biggest thing until Barack Obama became President of the U.S. Every Lefty in L.A. was ready for the revolution – and rightfully so!

Villaraigosa, as CA Assembly Speaker, had pushed for some important policies that gave all children in California free healthcare, built new schools to bring relief from overcrowding, and built parks in desolate areas, etc.

But, then Villaraigosa got too arrogant.

The thing the teachers’ unions won’t forgive him for is that he challenged how racist they are. Yeah, they talk a lot of social justice rhetoric but their political stances and policies – plus the bureaucracy they uphold – harms Black and Brown children. They are the MAGA of public education. Check the receipts!

Villaraigosa took them on and won, big! In the process, more students of color are graduating and going to college. But, teachers’ unions don’t care about that. Their pride is too big. SO they vowed to defeat him at any cost.

The shit that Villaraigosa can’t backpedal from is his support for Israel despite their murdering of innocent Palestinians or his public safety platform. Fuck cops and fuck prisons. It doesn’t matter how liberal Villaraigosa has been on many other issues, he continues to be too friendly to one of the biggest enemies of adult men of color – as have been most politicians in America. This ain’t a Villaraigosa exclusive issue. This is an American politico issue – on both sides of the aisle.

Even with all of his mamadas, Villaraigosa is still the strongest of the lot and he possesses the courage, political savvy, and charisma that California needs at a time when it feels like we are living through the Apocalypse.  

Gavin Newsom is the front-runner and I’m really scratching my head because he hasn’t really done shit! He’s been Lt. Governor for 8 years y nada. Stop it. If you’re from L.A., he has especially not done shit for you.

This privileged White boy has questionable morals and little political backbone. His claim to fame was allowing gay people to get married in San Francisco at a time when it was only symbolic. That’s like going to Fiesta Broadway and bragging that you bought a beach ball and two elotes. That’s not a fucking accomplishment. What is an accomplishment is how wealthy he’s become by playing all of us.

This guy is a multi-millionaire who has become rich by doing business with billionaires. I love that the teachers’ unions endorsed him even though he is the epitome of what they critique the “evil” charter-backed candidates of being….. isn’t it ironic?

There are two other honorable mentions in this political dance battle: state Treasurer John Chiang and former state Superintendent of Public Instruction Delaine Eastin. Their views are pretty good, but I don’t see the experience or force there needed to steer California forward.


Ed Hernandez: This position doesn’t do shit. So, you can just vote for this vato y alli se queda. He’s a longtime elected and has endorsements from virtually everyone you can think of – good and bad. 





Alex Padilla has held this position since 2014 and has been pushing California to modernize our voting systems – that includes getting younger folks to register and vote. Now if we can only do something about some of the candidates he endorses to represent the East San Fernando Valley?




Marshall Tuck: This race is very important to the children of California. The top two contenders are formidable candidates – both have track records of working to help Black and Brown students. Both can probably do a decent job at state Superintendent.

BUT, the subtle differences between both vatos are important- hence, our endorsement.

The lemmings will tell you that this is the typical Star Wars battle between the Darkside: charter schools and education reformers Vs. the pure and good: teachers unions.

Here’s the thing though. Unions are important, awesome, we need to pay teachers more, and we have to support and train them. What is not well known though is that, in Sacramento, teachers’ unions have a lot of power. Enough power where they fuck over Black and Brown kids all the time: with the budget and with policies that cut deep wounds.

So, whoever wins this race will have to demonstrate that they really ride hard for us and stand against this hateration. They will also have to stand up to the Sacramento political machine that haaaaates LAUSD, and to the Charter Schools Association that seeks to grow charters at any cost – which is not the answer either.

Public education has never properly served students or teachers of color. Traditional public schools and charter schools- union or not- are like I Love Lucy, they “got some ‘splainin’ to do. We ain’t excusing any of y’all if you ain’t educating our children correctly.

We picked Marshall Tuck because he’s been on the ground serving the highest needs students in Los Angeles – and he’s pushed those schools to do more for the Eastside and South LA. He has led school systems that are larger than most school districts in California at Green Dot and the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools – both of which have unions.

Tuck has an aggressive and refreshing vision for raising more dollars for schools, spending that state money in an equitable manner, and supporting teachers in the process.

Tony Thurmond has experience in elected office as an Assemblymember and as a former school board member. He is also backed by labor, which usually means that it’s a wrap for kids. But, I guess if we’re gonna be fair, Tuck can’t be called a puppet of the charter folks neither. Thurmond has worked to decriminalize Black and Brown youth in schools. And that counts for something too.

** Some of these next few posts are important because they are influential with the state. For your sake and ours, we will keep these next few endorsements short.


Betty T. Yee has more than 30 years of experience in public service, specializing in state and local finance and tax policy.







Fiona Ma is gonna have a hell of a job. Under her watch, California has to have access to money to pay for infrastructure projects, transportation, public schools, housing, water quality, and pollution reduction. She’s gonna have to make it rain during times of drought!




Xavier Becerra made history when he became the first Latino person to hold this office when Gov. Jerry Appointed him this post. But, Becerra has been a longtime influential politician in California and Washington D.C.

Since taking this post, Becerra has been suing the shit outta the Trump administration for virtually all of their hateful policies – from immigration reform to DACA, and from healthcare to the environment. He’s placed California at the front of the resistance!


Dave Jones is the other worthy candidate. He’s the current state Insurance Commissioner. For the past eight years, he’s been regulating the state’s insurance market for fraud and other insurance crime. The challenge about switching Attorney Generals in the middle of the fight is that it’s not smart. He can come back and take it next election if he really wants it!


Ricardo Lara has been consistent in the fight for immigrants and working people as a State Senator. He deserves a chance at this post.







Cheryl Turner is an L.A. native and trial lawyer with experience in business, tax, insurance, real estate, transportation, and construction law. She’s gonna need those skills for this job.







24th District: María Elena Durazo is one of the most powerful and influential women in our lifetime. She has served as the Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the powerful Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, Executive Vice President of the governing Executive Council of the national AFL-CIO and as a Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee of the Democratic Party. She’s a member of the Latino Avengers!

30th District: Holly Mitchell has proven to be a consistent ally in the fight for social, racial and economic justice in Sacramento. We need her in Sacramento.





Assembly District 39: Luz Rivas: We are gonna keep it real and say we didn’t endorse Rivas in the primary. Our well-trusted friends have reached out vouched for her work. So, here we go. See our Vota Vato Voter Guide from March 2018 for our endorsement.




Assembly District 45: Jesse Gabriel: We are gonna keep it real and say we didn’t endorse Gabriel in the primary. We did recognize that he has a solid background. See our Vota Vato Voter Guide from March 2018 for our endorsement.



Assembly District 51: Wendy Carrillo: See our Vota Vato Voter Guide from October 2017 for our endorsement.




Assembly District 54: Sydney Kamlager: See our Vota Vato Voter Guide from March 2018 for our endorsement.







PROP. 68 – YES: Allows the state to sell $4.1 billion in bonds to pay for parks and waterways. 

PROP. 69 – YES: Restricts gas taxes to transportation. It was a promise made by Brown that he’s keeping. 

PROP. 70 – NO: This is a bullshit gimmick that sounds just like Prop. 13 – one of the most harmful laws ever passed in California. If passed, this bill would increase the voter threshold to 2/3rds to spend Cap and Trade revenues. Translation: the Republicans would have a lot more power to prevent schools and hospitals from getting much-needed resources.

PROP. 71 – YES: This is a very technical thing. It changes the state constitution to allow a 5-day grace window before laws go into effect. They do this to make sure the votes are counted accurately.

PROP. 72 – YES: The state needs this during these times of drought. This law will allow homeowners to capture rainwater in plastic containers without increasing our property values. This is shit that Latinos have been doing since we invented tortillas – yet another invention that White people steal from us then try to sell it back for a higher price… I need some street tacos now.



Kevin De León: Aside from the fact that this vato’s dad is Chinese and from Guate, he’s been one the generals in the fight against President Donald Trump’s and Attorney General Jeff Session’s puterias.

Kevin De León is by far the most qualified to become California’s next U.S. Senator. He and Kamala Harris are a dream team.  De León has been a champion for poor and middle-class people around issues of the environment and retirement plans. 

Despite the fact that he’ll be a junior Senator, which means that California will lose some clout in D.C., his politics are light years ahead of our current Senator.

Dianne Feinstein has been in the U.S. Senate for 25 years. She has demonstrated that she’s not willing to fight the Trump regime and has been too quiet at a time when we need warriors in office.


37th District: Karen Bass. She’s da #GOAT.





40th District: Lucille Roybal-Allard: She’s been consistent with her liberal/progressive votes in D.C.




*** We’ll let you pause right here to grab a snack. Let me get some trail mix and a coconut water too. 



District 1: Hilda Solis is running unopposed, which is unfortunate because she needs to be pushed further left. For someone who was elected with lots of hope and promise, she’s left a lot to be desired as a so-called progressive, and as the only Latina Supervisor. This would be a bigger issue if the makeup of the board wasn’t as liberal/progressive as it is right now.

Solis has had lots of instability on her team and has been inconsistent – or straight up gone against the people- on homelessness, jails, raising the minimum wage, and immigration. She’s a big supporter of law enforcement and even defended the police for assaulting the young woman on the Metro in McArthur Park.


District 3: Sheila Kuehl has been a longtime progressive and we need those values at the County level. There are many pressing issues that we desperately need to move faster on including bail reform, adult and juvenile justice reform, homelessness, mental illness, drug addiction and the wealth and income gaps. Let’s get it done!




County Assessor: Jeff Prang: This dude is not the most visionary, but his job doesn’t necessarily require him to be. Just help L.A. people get our money’s worth on our property.




LA County Sherrif: Jim McDonell: This department is fucked up and anybody running the world’s largest jail and mental health system must be aggressive and calculated: two things McDonell needs to be more of. To McDonell’s credit, he has tried to punish and fire pigs who are found guilty of lying or abusing their power. Not enough… but he’s done some.

This is why morale is low among the rank-and-file. Translation: them bitches don’t wanna be held accountable for shit and anyone who tries is labeled an enemy. No one has thinner skin than muthafuckas in law enforcement.  

Here is where the bureaucracy has also played a role in defending Sheriffs accused of pulling stunts on the system. McDonell’s recommendations to discipline or fire these officers are blocked by the civil service system or the weak ass District Attorney, Jackie Lacey. Not to mention, the deputies’ union who sue to defend crooked ass killah po’lice.

Among McDonell’s other areas of disgrace is his position opposing the “sanctuary state” bill introduced earlier this year by Kevin De León. He’s a cop and this is not a surprise. That’s why it is up to the LA County Board of Supervisors to tighten that leash. Bow wow.

*** Are you still with us? Goddamn, this is exhausting. 


OFFICE # 4 – Veronica Sauceda
OFFICE # 16 – Sydne Jane Michel
OFFICE #  20 – Mary Ann Escalante
OFFICE # 60 – Holly Hancock
OFFICE # 63 – Malcolm Mackey
OFFICE # 67 – Maria Lucy Armendariz
OFFICE # 71 – Danielle Gibbons
OFFICE # 113 – Javier Perez
OFFICE # 118 – David Diamond
OFFICE # 126 – Rene Caldwell Gilbertson
OFFICE # 146 – Armando Duron




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