When Black Addiction is Criminal & White Addiction is Suffering!

In our previous post, we talked about your mom’s sopa on a hot summer day. We also addressed the cruel world of racial double standards in America.

So, to add chile y limón to our deliciously vicious recipe, we dwell into the world of drogas: opioids and heroin to be exact.

I know you’re thinking, “Miralo! Hood Digest using fancy words like ‘dwell'”, but stay with me and you might learn something new.

It seems like a lifetime ago cause shit’s been tumultuous these past two weeks, but on August 10, President Donald Trump declared that White people getting high is reason for bigly concern. (Tumultuous is a SAT word that means valiendo madre.)

While he was chilling on a golf course, Trump vowed to “defeat” the opioid epidemic by focusing on law enforcement and strengthening security at the border to stop illegal drugs coming in from down South.

Trump proposed a tough “law-and-order” approach and said fuck spending money on treatment and social programs. That’s until Tom Price, the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, along with other smart muthafuckas explained that its White people, particularly men, who are dying for being tecatos and popping pills. Pretty much the shit Eminem rapped about when he was hot.

How many hueros are dying you ask? Nearly 60,000 in 2016. That’s 142 per day! Show those numbers to your parents and tios whenever they start talking shit about Latinos being drunks and comparing us to the good White folks who never drink and drive.

But, back to the lecture at hand. Here’s why declaring this a “drug epidemic” proves to be another example of racial double standards in the U.S. of A.

First off, America reminds us that White addiction deserves compassion, but Black addiction calls for repression. That’s because, over the past 30 years, addiction in Black (and Brown) communities has brought on the wrath of the law enforcement community, yet White addiction is the reason for the nation to mourn the lives lost to drugs.

Secondly, the President is fucking stupid to think that HE is going to put an end to the flow of drugs coming into this country.

In fact, every American President since Richard Nixon has tried unsuccessfully to stop drugs from entering the country illegally.

I know your ass ain’t gonna Google this even though you have the Internet on your phone, so I’ll tell you how long it’s been since Nixon was in office– Nixon was President from 1969-1974.

Do you want to know why they haven’t stopped drugs from entering this country illegally? Cause Americans love to get high! This is Capitalism, baby. Like the great poet Malice from Clipse proclaimed in one of the greatest verses ever recorded, “Where there’s demand, someone will supply.” Prisons can’t even stop illegal drugs from reaching the prisoners. So, what makes you think that something’s gonna stop you from accessing drugs on the streets?

The shit that no one is talking about is that it’s the medical industry that’s causing this particular epidemic.

That’s right! Big Pharma, the hospitals, the doctors, the insurance companies, the pharmacies – everyone is making a killing off the killing of America’s most revered natural resource – White men!

More specifically, White men between the ages of 25 and 64 – but some as young as 14 and others as old as 75 are also indulging. These four states win the golden spoon for these knights-in-shining-armor getting their frequent fixes NH, OH, KY, WV.

Thirdly, President Trump’s administration will have two choices to make to combat this crisis:

  • UNO: Designate disaster zones to access federal funds for drug treatment, overdose-reversal medication, and more.
  • DOS: Further the war on drugs, push for new sentencing legislation, and more law enforcement.

Guess which one is coming to the hood vs. what’s going to White communities?

Finally, you probably weren’t asking, but I’m gonna tell you why President Trump is fucking stupid!

Congress could have addressed this crisis by directing billions of dollars to rescue the victims of this vicious epidemic. But, get this, instead, they are trying desperately to get rid of Obamacare, which would slash Medicaid, which means cutting the only source of help that these addicts currently have!

So, whenever they tell you the country is fucked, just remember that Republicans control the President’s seat, both houses of Congress, 34 state Governor seats, and 26 state legislatures. They’ve been calling the shots and steering the country into the ground for a cool minute.

Trump and the Republicans are to blame for worsening this crisis. They remind me of the muthafuckas who get into brawls at Chuck E. Cheese’s.

Trump is a special special kind of unwanted pregnancy. The type where his mom found out too late to abort him….. so he’s here, fucking up a kid’s birthday party by punching another unwanted pregnancy of a human being. That model citizen hasn’t seen his kids in months and takes them to play skee-ball as a consolation price. But, he decides to scar those kids by fighting his stupid ass, instead. But, I digress.

Addiction is a vicious disease and no one should suffer as a result of this illness. So, if you’re going to help White opioid users get clean, stop further vilifying and punishing communities of color, which also need rescuing from rampant addiction.

Until next time, stay clean, stay safe, and stay away from mal paridos like Trump!


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