When Dr. King Was a Terrorist

Did y’all watch Congressmember Karen Bass lay it down quite flat for U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions?

With great mastery, she drilled him about the race-based targeting of African American activists by the FBI, but not White Supremacy groups that actually kill cops.

Check it out here. It’s the best 5 minutes of cable news!

When Ms. Bass pressed him to name one Black identity extremist group, Sessions could not. When she asked him to name one White supremacist group, his memory failed him.

So, she did him the favor of refreshing his memory by naming a group of White supremacists who have recently killed police officers.

Ms. Bass later issued a statement on Facebook that reads:

“We’re faced with one reality  – – the FBI & DOJ (Department of Justice) are reverting back to a dark chapter in history in which citizens are surveilled differently due to the color of their skin and their levels of activism exercising their first amendment right to petition their government”

The dark chapter in history she is referring to is the COINTELPRO era. As you already know, history is vital to understanding our current struggles. It provides a roadmap to how we got here.

COINTELPRO is an acronym for COunter INTELligence PROgram. It was a series of covert, and often illegal, projects conducted by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). This was all done under the direction of J. Edgar Hoover, a character you’ve probably seen portrayed recently in movies about the Civil Rights era.

COINTELPRO’s central objective was to infiltrate, discredit and disrupt domestic political organizations.

The program focused largely on the “New Left” which the FBI could not define. So, they targeted members of various communist and socialist parties, domestic dissidents, antiwar protesters, Mexican Americans/Chicanos, Puerto Rican nationalist groups, peaceful civil rights groups like the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and Students for Democratic Society, the Black Panthers, and the list goes on.

They even made it so that the moment you read the previous paragraph, all those terms conjure up negative images of Anti-Americanism, angry Black people, and ungrateful Mexican and Puerto Ricans. That’s some heavy propaganda for y’all.

Keep in mind that these “Black Nationalist Hate Groups”, according to the FBI, included THE non-violent, Christian minister of the gospels, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

The FBI’s harassment of Dr. King was uncovered by the  Church Committee, which was a select U.S Senate Committee that studied governmental operations with respect to intelligence activities. How else do you think we found out that Dr. King had so many extramarital affairs?

The Committee uncovered some of the FBI’s craziest tactics to create confusion and infighting amongst these freedom fighters.

The FBI was spying on them, infiltrating their organizations and sending people threatening letters written in handwriting that was the exact replica of the handwriting of other allies in the movement. The Committee also uncovered the illegal wiretapping of Malcolm X, Huey P. Newton, and many “Black extremist leaders”.

We can cut the bullshit though. Cause the FBI’s primary goals were to destroy, create distrust, and neutralize Black leaders first, then other movements of color such as the Chicano and American Indian Movements.

The wildest part of all this is that the FBI’s top goal was…… drum roll please……. to replace leaders with figures of their own choosing. 

Essentially taking over the Civil Rights and Black Freedom movements by placing puppets on the throne that they could control. This plot, in particular, was personally approved by J. Edgar himself, in January of 1964.

You’re so fucking smart cause you already figured this out. In essence, the FBI attacked the Black, Brown and Native peoples with the same coup-like tactics that the CIA used in Iran, Guatemala, Haiti, Iraq and many, many other countries.

Under the surveillance and infiltration of the Black Freedom Movement, assassinations took place, including those of people like Fred Hampton, the charismatic and eloquent Deputy Chairman of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party.

Hampton was killed, in front of his pregnant wife, after the cops raided his home early one morning – on the same day that Jay-Z was born.

This is a reflection of what we see all around us today: the culture of police impunity. U.S. federal law enforcement agencies murdered Black Freedom Movement leaders. This is partly why they’ve normalized the killings of young unarmed African Americans, in modern days.

These are both expressions of the ugly recurring phenomenon of Black repression and anti-immigrant sentiments that also lead to the mistreatment of Brown people – it didn’t matter if they were U.S. born, documented, or not.

Lest not forget that it’s actually White supremacist groups and biker gangs (not to mention these cowboys with high-caliber weaponry), who are getting into deadly shootouts with the police.

This is why it is vital for today’s activists to learn about the history of those whose legacy we are carrying. Particularly those of African Americans, who have never stopped resisting, yet whose advancements benefit all of us!

The Black Lives Matter movement continues to gain momentum and immigrant rights groups continue to challenge those in power.

It is instructive to recall the ways in which “intelligence agencies” and police forces have historically mislabeled our movements for human and social justice.

To them, we are the non-White dissidents whom they see as threats to the American values.

Why do you think they are stacking immigrants in prisons down South? Or why they convicted Black Lives Matter activist, Jasmine Richards, in Pasadena, of felony “Lynching”. And don’t you get it twisted about the true reason behind the ousting of Colin Kaepernick from the NFL.

They did the same thing to Muhammad Ali when they took his boxing license away for refusing to fight in the Vietnam War.

Shit is crazy, have you heard of the StingRay? A powerful surveillance device that acts like a cell tower and captures the signals of nearby phones, allowing law enforcement officers to sweep through hundreds of messages, conversations and call logs.

During the Obama era, the U.S. government heavily targeted information leakers and whistleblowers: think Edward Snowden. These are tactics that we hadn’t seen since Nixon was President. Today, U.S. security is even targeting members of the press.

We are experiencing a paranoid, media-hating group of liars who are leading the federal government, under President Trump.

They are also a group of White supremacists using government resources to target any groups of color with the audacity to demand equal treatment, fairness, or equity.

We must remain vigilant, vocal, and ready to document our movement and any attempts to discredit our true goals: of giving our people equal rights, equal opportunities, and equal protection under the law!

Educate, Organize, Mobilize! Stay active y’all.

“The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”

― Malcolm X


By: Berny.yo